Pavel Yefimov

Pavel Yefimov

Russia, Zelenograd

Programming, Development, Automation.
Consulting and Outsourcing

I’m a fullstack developer with a 10+ years experience in automation and programming. I build custom sites exploring web-development since 2014



since May 2019
(last )

SKILL Perl Cadence Cliosoft SOS PCells EDA Git Gitlab DevOps Linux

JSC «PKK Milandr»

Russia, Zelenograd

Design, Development and maintenance of automated solutions for CAD Cadence IC.

  • Mass testing tool for PDK cells / IP Blocks with GUI in Cadence IC (DRC / LVS execution)
    • Mentor Calibra supported
    • Cadence Assura supported
    • Testcase Generator with parameter variations, additional layout/schematic drawing and pre/post processes
    • Async multi-thread job queue
  • Tool for creating cell Schematic view from SPICE netlist with GUI in Cadence IC
    • Netlist preparse with add/remove parameters and their values recalculation
    • Multi-thread generation execution
  • Development of PCells according to user requrements
  • Processing log files and generating simulation reports
  • Routine tasks automation for project and user management in Cliosoft SOS
  • CAD support for Linux / Windows users


since June 2012
(last )


  • Website-catalog Groats Wholesale from Russia (Bangtao Import Export Co., LTD — 2023)
  • CV & Portfolio site (Vlada Kolesnikova — 2023)
  • Site for Chudo Telecom (Chudo Telecom — 2022)
  • Animation effects code snippets for the Collide website on (Collide Team — 2022)
  • Aido Telecom site (Aido Telecom — 2021)
  • Landing site for medical masks production consumables (Alita LLC — 2020)
  • House selling promo-site (Private person — 2020)
  • One-page site-card for RPM (RPM llc — 2020)
  • Cables sale landing site (GlavStroyTelecom LLC — 2020)
  • Сайт (scramble — 2019)
  • Promotional website to support advertising campaign for Povolzhsky district (Aido Telecom — 2019)
  • E-Mail Campaign setup ( — 2019)
  • Promotional website to support advertising campaign (Aido Telecom — 2018)
  • Website for receiving payments (Aido Telecom — 2018)
  • Website for curtain sewing service (ARS — 2018)
  • Development of management reports for planning income and expenses (Strawberry Kings — 2017)
  • Julia Mokrousova website (Malen — 2017)
  • Website Redesign for cheese dairy (Luka — 2017)
  • Brief form development for clients (shopping center «Madagascar» — 2017)
  • Website for a cheese dairy (Luka — 2016)
  • website (Malen — 2016)
  • Website Shop (Glavstroy Telecom — 2016)
  • Landing for selling trading courses (Real-2-Trade — 2015)
  • Development of management reports for planning income and expenses (Glavstroy Telecom — 2013)
  • Development of management reports for planning income and expenses (Aido Telecom — 2012)

Co-owner, programmer, analyst, marketer

2012 — 2022
(10 years)

Perl PHP SQL DevOps Linux SMM Google Docs Google Spreadsheets Management Git

Aido Telecom LLC

Russia, Tolyatti

The mass-runner in areas:

  • Development, implementation, control of advertising campaigns
  • Implementation of management accounting and budgeting
  • Implementation of electronic document management/flow system based on Google Docs (G Suite)
  • Optimization and promotion of the company’s website
  • Internet marketing and SMM for a company
  • Development and launch of mini-sites for promotions


2012 — 2012
(3 months)

Ruby Ruby-on-Rails PL/SQL SQL DevOps Linux Agile Git

Latera LLC

Russia, Zelenograd

Development and support of the Hydra billing system

Developer, analyst

2010 — 2012
(2 years)

Perl Linux Sharepoint HTML CSS SQL Data Mining Git


Russia, Moscow

Development and support:

  • Processing of debt registries automation
  • Creation of an internal corporate portal based on MS Sharepoint Services — service desk, sections of divisions, document flow

Software engineer

2010 — 2010
(3 months)

Windows Sharepoint DevOps HTML CSS Help Desk Management Accounting SVN

Transenergoservis LLC

Russia, Samara


  • Administration of LAN (25 locations + 1 server) of an enterprise based on Microsoft software (XP, 2k3)
  • Accounting for PCs and their components, peripherals, software licenses
  • Creation of an internal corporate portal based on MS Sharepoint Services — service desk, sections of divisions, document flow


2008 — 2009
(8 months)

C++ Perl Linux CSV

Alfachip LLC at IPPM RAS

Russia, Zelenograd

Development and support of SPICE parser for electronic circuit simulator circuits

Contract engineer

2004 — 2008
(4 years)

Perl Parsers SKILL UI Tests QA CSV SPICE Tcl HTML Tools Cadence Linux Solaris

Microstyle Research Center / Freescale Semiconductors

Russia, Zelenograd

Development and maintenance of automated solutions for CAD Cadence IC.

For 5 years of activity were created:

  • Tools for generating a set of data for creating cell libraries(PDKs): CDF, symbols, creating and controlling PDK file structure, PDK building procedure (perl, SKILL)
  • Specialized programmable cells and GUIs for designing the topology of microstrip structures and the «ground» layer of high-frequency ICs (SKILL)
  • Implementation of the interactive topology change function for ready-made MOS cells (SKILL)
  • Architecture and a number of tests of the complex testing and validation of finished PDKs and their components (SKILL)
  • Utility migration project from one technology to another (SKILL)
  • The procedure for controlling multi-user development, assembly and release of libraries based on Syncronicity (tcl)

Over 4 years of experience in creating data processing and conversion solutions.


2003 — 2004
(a year)



Russia, Zelenograd

C/C++ satellite hardware programming (work planner)


Higher education — specialty

1999 — 2004 (5 years)

220100 (230101) — Computers, computing systems and informational networks

National Research University of Electronic Technology (MIET), Russia, Zelenograd

Spoken languages

  • Russian — native
  • English — fluent
  • German — entry-level

Trainings and cources

Electronic Certificate

SQL Fundamentals

Electronic Certificate

jQuery Tutorial

Electronic Certificate

JavaScript Tutorial

Electronic Certificate

CSS Fundamentals

Electronic Certificate

PHP Tutorial

Electronic Certificate

HTML Fundamentals

Electronic Certificate

Internet marketer: from novice to PRO


Unified Arbitration Manager Training Program


Samara Institute — High School of Privatization and Business Studies, Russia, Samara


Cadence P-Cells


Other skills

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Agile
  • Bash
  • Bootstrap 5
  • C++
  • Cadence SKILL
  • CSS3
  • CVS
  • DevOps
  • EDA DevOps
  • Eleventy
  • FullStack
  • GIMP
  • Git
  • GitLab
  • Gitlab CI/CD
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • Jekyll
  • Linux
  • Liquid
  • Markdown
  • MS Office
  • NetlifyCMS
  • Node.js
  • Nunjucks
  • OpenCart
  • OpenOffice
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • SVG
  • TailwindCSS
  • WordPress


Landing Page

Landing Page

from $300

Classic Landing with Lead Collection Form and Sections:

  • Offer title and description
  • Offer details
  • Benefits
  • About the team, why are you
  • Reviews
  • Contacts
  • Call to Action

Online business card

Online business card

from $450

Simple website composed:

  • Home Page
  • Internal pages (template)
  • Contact / feedback page

Online catalogue

Online catalogue

from $600

Simple catalog composed of:

  • Home Page
  • Internal pages (template)
  • Contact / feedback page
  • The page-showcase offers
  • Template page with the proposal

Online store

Online store

from $1 500

Shop based on OpenCart:

  • Home + Showcase
  • Internal pages (template)
  • Contact / feedback page
  • Offer Categories Page Template
  • Template page with the proposal


  • Consultations on the preparation of technical specifications
  • Site Audit
  • Website Optimization for Search Engines
  • Installation of ready-made additional modules (chat, analytics, etc.)
  • Payment systems (Robokassa)
  • Set up e-mail newsletters
  • Hosting, DNS, domains
  • Install and configure Google G Suite and Yandex.Mail for the domain
  • Mark-up the layout of pages and email letters