2015 — Real-2-Trade (Russia, Tolyatti)

Landing for selling trading courses

  • devops
  • markup
  • site
  • design
  • skel
  • html
  • php
  • js
  • css


  • Develop a landing page structure for selling 3 course options
  • Develop a single modern visual style for pages
  • Add a time counter to the event
  • Develop a course registration form


During the structure of landing page design process, numerous disparate materials of the customer were processed and long conversations were held to spot real key marketing qualities and advantages of these courses.

For the visual solution, the theme Spatial was selected and adapted.

A time counter was used which had to be adapted as part of the task.

To process the registration form data, the server-side php script was added which sends an e-mail with information about the new student.