2020 — Alita LLC (Russia, Togliatti)

Landing site for medical masks production consumables

  • site
  • devops
  • mail
  • domain
  • tilda
  • html
  • scss
  • js
  • markup
  • googlesheets
  • translate
  • eleventy
  • ssg


  • Domain selection and setup
  • Mail for domain setup
  • Layout mark-up and content update in Tilda.cc
  • vsedlamasok.ru content translation to english and german in Tilda.cc
  • Ya.Metrika and other parts setup in Tilda.cc
  • Later export from Tilda.cc to static hosting
  • Added prices management via GoogleSheet Table


Since the site usage did not include adding or frequently changing content, I desided (and agreed it with the customer) to use one of the static site generators - Eleventy. Feedback form data is handled via AJAX-request by server PHP-script which sends an email with data supplied by client.