2018 — Aido Telecom (Russia, Tolyatti)

Website for receiving payments

  • site
  • devops
  • jekyll
  • markup
  • robokassa
  • carbon_billing
  • html
  • bootstrap
  • php
  • js
  • css
  • ssg


  • Choose site engine/framework
  • Make the final site markup using given page layouts
  • Implement recommended payment
  • Integrate Robokassa
  • Integrate into Carbon Billing


Since the site usage did not include adding or frequently changing content, I desided (and agreed it with the customer) to use one of the static site generators - Jekyll

Recomended payment sum is requested via AJAX-request from server PHP-script which asks Carbon Billing by POST-request. Payment notifications from Robokassa are handled by server PHP-script which sends notification email and also registers the payment to Carbon Billing via another POST-request.